John Sachtouras is an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the world of Network Marketing and high impact business. He has created successful strategies and techniques, both for personal and professional fields with proven results, reaching more than one million people. Also, created new millionaires in the Network Marketing Industry. These and other strategies of planning, marketing, organizations, among others, are implemented in ASCIRA "The company for the people", with an ambitious project called "BEYOND A BILLION", which will impact more than a BILLION people.



Education and knowledge are the most important points in my philosophy. There is always room for improvement and time to learn. I enjoy learning every day, spending time and energy on making it easier for other people to learn.


The mentality defines your present and will define your future. A positive mindset will attract positive results and help you move forward in your personal life as a professional. Over the years I have cultivated a really effective positive philosophy with which I train the minds of hundreds of leaders to focus their progress towards success in the right way.


The commitment is between the person and his dream, between the mentor and the mentee, between the leaders and team, between people and their environment... and between the human being and nature. It is all about commitment a relationship where all parties have to win. the key words: CONSTANT COMMITMENT are words that have accompanied me throughout my life. The greatest commitment is: WITH YOU. Don't think you are going change the world, think about changing yourself, then the world will start to change.

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