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  1. Due to the global reach that this industry has, it exceeds borders. John Sachtouras has developed one of the largest organizations in the industry, in more than 50 countries.

  2. Network marketing offers unlimited income; in relation to your effort and work.

  3. He learned that it is better to earn 1% of the effort of 100 people, than 100% of the effort of 1 person.


Definitely, for his experience, loyalty, honesty and RESULTS.

Also known as MLM (Multi Level Marketing), Multilevel, Network Marketing, Network or Network Marketing is a legal business model where a product is marketed from person to person.

Network Marketing, in economic terms, is a micro-entrepreneurship model; It is designed to generate linear income through direct sales and residual income from the construction of a network of distributors that conform to the marketing system and duplicate it.
In Network Marketing the income comes from the distribution of the profits as a result of the sale of the products and the date on which you start is not decisive for your success. No matter what day you became associated, success is up to you.
Network Marketing is also characterized by the great personal development it offers to its participants.


Yes, it is legal. Unlike the pyramids, Network Marketing Companies are legally constituted and pay their commissions according to the laws of each country.


They are two terms that may seem similar, but they are very different from each other. In Network Marketing, the income of the participants depends on the retail sale of products. In a pyramid or pyramid scheme, income depends only on the "affiliation" and investment of new participants and usually without a product that supports that investment.

Some people confuse Network Marketing with pyramidal systems simply because of the organization's shape, but the difference is not in its form, it is in its legality and operation. In form, all administrative structures are pyramidal, any private or public company and even our family tree because of its hierarchy, is pyramidal.

Also, in the pyramids they usually offer high economic income quickly without much effort; Network Marketing requires work.



Any person with a vision of the future can develop it.

  1. Be a product of the product.

  2. Get to know the company

  3. Work as a team and let yourself be helped by your sponsor. Support your sponsor and look in your upline who can help you take your first steps, without fear ask for advice and learn from it.

The best moment is now, when an opportunity comes to your life that can bring you great benefits in the medium and long term.

In a legal company, you have nothing to lose; but yes, a lot to learn.

Of course. You can do it as something additional to your usual activity. . The time required for your growth is variable and only you set the pace. It is advisable, a constant dedication the first six months, even if they are two hours a day, to know the company and the product, learn the system, contact its people and follow up. If you want to accelerate your growth, spend more time.


The investment is minimal (backed by product, which you can easily sell and recover that investment), compared to the benefits not only monetary that can have and affordable to all economies.


It depends on the time you dedicate to the growth and strengthening of your network. Remember: If you want to accelerate your growth, spend more time.


Yes, John Sachtouras, like many others in the Industry, have achieved great income, but you must not expect to achieve a high income in a short time. As in any other business, also in this case, effort, sacrifice and time are required.


No, being the first does not guarantee a higher income. The income depends on your effort and time.


It is the form of payment that the Network Marketing Companies have.


Who told you that Network Marketing is for sellers? You do not need to know how to sell, you just need to consume, promote the product and the business to other people. The creation of your network will occur by duplication; just as you recommend your friends things you like, like a restaurant, a movie, a service, although they usually don't pay you for it.

Many times, it does not depend on the number of people, but on the type of people. However, this is a job that you must constantly do for the growth of your organization.

Yes, that may happen. Maybe it wasn't his moment; maybe the company did not have an adequate Compensation Plan, maybe it did not belong to the team of growing leaders; etc. As in any business, we can have successes and setbacks. Success demands knowledge and preparation, discipline and determination of objectives, persistence and consistency. Network Marketing, demand constant preparation and ACTION.

  • Money: Remember your biggest dream, wouldn't you be willing to make an effort to fulfill it with the right guidance? Whenever you have an economic predicament, you look for ways to get money; Think today, what are your chances to start an investment. Or write to us and we will give you some ideas.

  • And if your excuse is time: Check your day today, was your agenda full? Or maybe you don't have an agenda? Normally all of us have downtime and that time can be dedicated to building your network.

  1. Check the legality of the Company in your country.

  2. Know your leadership and your testimony.

  3. Meet with one of your leaders and clear your doubts.

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