The power of reading

The habit of reading opens minds, strengthens memory and gives us the key to a world of endless knowledge. We should do it more often! Reading, a skill that we shouldn’t take for granted The habit of reading is something that we all understand as essentially beneficial and yet, as with other essentially beneficial habits,

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Philosophy of purpose

(SPANISH VERSION)   The Ikigai is one of the secrets of Japan for a long and happy life, and until now, it has been a success. The Ikigai is an outstanding practical work that through its simple concept helps you find your reason for being and/or your passion.       The four elements of

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  The network marketing industry has many advantages over other business models and other professions.   Why network marketing?   For more than 30 years, I have worked in this industry for many reasons, starting with the most powerful one of all: because I discovered that it was the only way that could lead me

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The importance of a mentor

(SPANISH VERSION)   For every great success, for every outstanding name, for every triumphant or groundbreaking figure in the spotlight there is, at least, one mentor who has inspired that moment and made it come true, who has helped them make it possible.   In every epic story, the hero always has a wiser and

Let’s be clear: the planet is in trouble. Today, it really needs all our help, and we must be aware of our actions and how we can protect the environment.   There are small daily and individual actions that have the potential to become the drops of water that will shape a great ocean: if

The importance of taking decisions

  Throughout the day, all people take a number of decisions almost impossible to tell, but the vast majority of those decisions are taken unconsciously. You decide how to prepare or order your coffee, what clothes you’ll wear that day, if you’ll take a lunch break now or later… As these decisions are taken with

The Jobs of the Future

  A few months ago, I wrote an article where I talked about some very interesting statistics concerning the automation of employment: according to the study of the Oxford University, 47% of current jobs are at risk of disappearing, being replaced by robots, applications and other machines.   Today, I would like to go a