The importance of a mentor

For every great success, for every outstanding name, for every triumphant or groundbreaking figure who captures the spotlight on a stage, there is at least one mentor who has inspired that moment to become a reality, who has helped make it possible. In every epic story, the hero always has a wise, more experienced person

This fact caused me to completely change the focus of what I had prepared for today and, after all, as part of the celebration of International Book Day, it is not superfluous to highlight one of the titles that has changed the most lives, including my own, after reading it, in addition to Napoleon Hill’s

The power of reading

The habit of reading opens minds, strengthens memory and gives us the key to a world of endless knowledge. We should do it more often! Reading, a skill that we shouldn’t take for granted The habit of reading is something that we all understand as essentially beneficial and yet, as with other essentially beneficial habits,

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